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The Bridal Nest

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A place to get ready

 Need a place to get ready and want to capture the moment's leading up to wedding? Well we have just the place! Have your beauty services done at "The Bridal Nest"  Located in Beamsville, Ontario this  location is sure to please. 


The getting ready location is, after your venue and ceremony space, the most important space on a wedding day. It’s where you’ll spend the entire morning with your bridesmaids, where you’ll get dressed, have your bridal portraits taken, and also where your photographer will do your detail shots.  The better suited the location, the more comfortable, relaxed and joyful everyone will be.  

The Bridal Nest is a dream come true for Miss Lisa, owner of Bridal Beauty. With over two decades of experience as a bridal makeup artist and Hair Stylist she recognized the need for a space like the bridal nest in Niagara, Ontario. Many venues don't allow bridal parties to start getting ready early enough, and dark hotel rooms often fall short in providing the ideal environment. The Bridal Nest was designed to address these issues.

At The Bridal Nest, we offer a day rate, ensuring that you never feel rushed. We understand that this is a truly a special moment for brides and their loved ones, and having a space that enriches that experience is well worth the investment.

We offer different options' and packages.

Flat day rate is $600 from 9:00 am - 3:00pm  

Additional time is $100 per hour. Holiday weekend fee is additional $100

20% Off your Hair and Make-up services when you include Bridal Beauty services

Included in rental: 

Hostess,  steamer, kitchenette w/ fridge,  table & chairs, speaker, and dress rack


Rental add-ons:

Charcuterie board, mimosa & fruit bar &/or bagel & pastry board

Contact us


Ont, Canada 

Tel: 905-931-4311

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