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About Lisa Marie


Lisa Marie is the passionate and dedicated owner of Bridal Beauty, a business she established in 2001. Over the years, she has nurtured her company and built a strong team around her, which has allowed it to flourish. In addition to her success in the bridal industry, Lisa Marie is also the owner of BRUSH STUDIO, (Blonding & Blowouts ) a sister co to BB.

She manages to balance her roles as a businesswoman and educator, by the commitment and drive to impact women's lives in a positive way. This has made her a respected figure in both the business and within the communities along side bridal industry peers.

Lisa Marie is always in tuned in and will remain current with the latest beauty trends and techniques. It gives her great pleasure to share her wealth of knowledge with her team and as an educator.

Lisa Marie believes that beauty should be celebrated not only on the outside but also on the inside. Lisa Marie & her team want every blushing bride feeling empowered, loved, and ready to shine on there special day!

When Lisa Marie is not physically working, you can often find her traveling to hot destination's including her favourite spot where she built a new home in Belize. She loves doing yoga, meditation to stay grounded is her number one focus. Spending time with her two children and two grandchildren is the icing on the cake! 


  1. I love a good glass of wine with a delicious meal.
  2. I am automatically happier when near the ocean or water.
  3. I am sucker for a good AD Home Tour or Vogue 73 Questions
  4. Bare feet over shoes, always.





What is Done in Love is done well. 

Vincent Gohd

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